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Built in 1852, this building was originally home of the Wheeler General Store selling everything from dry goods and shoes to paper and stamps. Imagine Olsen’s Merchantile from Walnut Grove. Three generations of the Wheeler Family ran the store that also served as a post office from 1852 to 1972. There has been some type of store here until the 1970s. Since then the building had been used for an antique shop, a surf shop and a tea room.

If the walls could tell stories….

Photo courtesy of Esquesing Historical Society
Photo courtesy of Esquesing Historical Society

Wheeler General Store prided itself on being a ‘dry’ store serving no alcohol, unlike the shop across the street. In fact, the store-keeper, Rufus McCrea, was instrumental in getting the Town Hall built next door in 1871 and included among its activities meetings of the local Temperance Society.

Ironically, the building eventually became the Copper Kettle Pub serving customers for over twenty years. In 2016, ownership changed hands and the Copper Kettle Pub has been lovingly renovated to bring it back to its former glory as a community hot spot and a ‘must see’ destination for tourists and travelers.